Leverage Advanced Fleet Technology to Protect Your Drivers and Vehicles

Inattentiveness is a serious problem on our roadways today. Drivers are distracted by all kinds of activities like talking on the phone, texting, reading, and eating or drinking. These poor choices create dangerous situations for drivers, passengers and the general public.

Based on its database of 358,000 risky driving events captured from field service fleets in 2019, Lytx identified the most prevalent risky behaviors in 2019 as:

  • Failure to stop (when a driver fails to stop at a stop sign or his/her speed remains above 5 mph).
  • Late response (when a driver is not distracted yet responded late and abruptly to a readily visible risky situation ahead).
  • Food/drink observed.
  • Following distance (refers to a risky driving event in which the distance to the vehicle directly ahead is approximately 1.5 seconds and not increasing for at least 4 consecutive seconds).
  • Cell phone observed.

As a business owner or someone who is responsible for a fleet of vehicles, this reality is of great concern.

However, you can help keep your drivers focused and reduce the risk to your fleet with machine vision and artificial intelligence (MV+AI). Advanced fleet technology helps you identify exactly what’s distracting your drivers and technicians and this data can be used to support a plan that prevents workplace incidents before they happen.

Download this white paper and learn how MV+AI can help you coach your drivers and reduce the risk to your fleet.

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